Chambre d'hôte en Loire Atlantique


                Inside the guest house: Lalobema


You will find different libraries, board games, local newspaper, numerous guides and leaflet on the Retz region and the surroundings. You will be able to relax and read them in the winter/summer lounge.


*The lounges






*The garden






The breakfast room

the generous breakfasts with local specialities are served on the terrace, as soon as the weather allows it, otherwise, it is served in the lounge open to the garden.



In "LALOBEMA", we have not got a kitchen for the guests, but you can still enjoy the garden where tables and chairs are available for picnics.If you prefer meals in the nature, a lot of sites are possible (beaches, forests…)




However if you look for local specialties from Machecoul, Vendée or Brittany, a wide choice of restaurants, within a radius of 100 m to 20kms around LALOBEMA, will welcome you.



  -Lalobema 1 rue de la Bourrie 44270 Machecoul France -

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